As a mom, wife, and small business owner, I am often asked, “how do I keep it all together?”. In addition to a whole lot of prayer, preparation is my key to success. For example, I am the most productive in my business when I am working from my work plan instead of working aimlessly and shooting from the hip. At home, I am more successful when I prepare for the week ahead. Sunday is my prep day and this gives me the opportunity to plan and strategize for the week. In order to make my prep days more efficient, I created the Weekly Prep Planner.

Watch the video below to learn more:

How to Prep for the Week Ahead

  1. Set aside a day to prepare for the week ahead. Saturday or Sunday are great options.
  2. Identify important upcoming events for that week. Also, identify anything you need to prepare for those particular events.
  3. Set realistic goals you want to accomplish and prioritize them.
  4. Create your To-Do list AND schedule when you will accomplish each item.
  5. Determine which tasks you need to delegate.
  6. Plan meals for the week.
  7. Plan outfits for you and/or the kiddos for the week.
  8. Prepare bags for work, school, or daycare and/or replenish the diaper bag.
  9. Instead of saving all household cleaning and/or chores for one day or for the weekend, plan out your chores and focus on one task a day.