Congratulations! You have made it through your pregnancy and won the best prize you could ever hope for- a beautiful, sweet, and perfect baby! The days after giving birth are the best (and scariest) of your life as you get used to your new life…and new body. Yep, I said it. Your body will forever be just a little- or a LOT- “diversified”. How ever you choose to think of it, maybe a war wound, your badge of honor, heck your slightly round period- it will happen and there will be an odd chunk (no pun intended) of time where you need to figure out how to live your life in no wo-man’s land.

If you’re like me, you may feel like anything between a sack of potatoes and straight up mashed potatoes. Rediscovering your former sense of style (and grace- think spit up covered everything) can be tough, but all is not lost! Sometimes the first step in keeping it all together, is to just look like you’re keeping it together. Here are some tips from a tried and true mom of two, on how to cope with TMB (transitional mom bod, obviously) and look fabulous while doing it:

1. Invest in a few transitional basics:

Consider the season and invest in some key pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways. When you are between sizes, or just not ready for your normal clothes, don’t be afraid to go out and grab a couple of necessities to get through this time. No one wants to spend the big bucks on clothes that you hope you won’t wear for long, but feeling comfortable and confident is worth shelling out a little something! I made sure I had a pair of jeans, some black pants, and a pair of leggings that I could rotate in with just about any shirt or shoes. I also ensured that these items were comfortable enough to not have to unbutton at the dinner table. These basics find worth at work, home, and running around town. Just change up your tops to make these basics come to life.

2. Speaking of tops:

I have TWO main objectives when searching for the perfect shirt as a new mommy: 1) pick a top that hangs not hugs AND 2) pick a top that can handle your whole day. I love tops that are flowy and a little longer. They hang nicely, cover up that mommy belly bulge, and hit ya just at the bootie which gives a longer, leaner torso. Another MUST is a shirt that can tackle your whole day: office, playdate, dinner with friends! It’s hard enough to put together stylish pieces, let’s not play with the notion that you should undergo the grueling midday wardrobe change (unless of course you’re counting that as your cardio for the day). My absolute favorite right now that totally encompasses both of my “TOP”, top must haves is this saucy little number from PinkBlush, the cutest little trendy online boutique around. The material is fantastic, think something between light weight sweater and cloudy pillows. It has pockets. I will repeat: POCKETS, ya’ll! And it brings comfort, function, and style to my every day. Sign me up! Hint hint…PinkBlush also has the cutest maternity clothes for those of you mommies-to-be. I’m kicking myself now for just learning of this fun fact because most of their maternity wear is designed to tackle this very transition of life.

3. Accessorize:

You know what ALWAYS fits just the right way? A fabulous purse/diaper bag! Jewelry! Shoes (once the initial ankle swelling goes down)! Even if you feel very restricted in your wardrobe choices post baby, mix it up with your accessories. I love a fun, funky, and chunky necklace paired with a simple shirt. I can wear the same black t-shirt every other day, switching up only my jewels and BOOM- instant charm added to even the blandest ensemble.

4. 3 Words: Lipstick, mascara, and earrings.

When in doubt, slap a fun color on your lips, sweep some dark black on your lashes, and stick some studs in your ears and, girl, you will experience an instant boost! Even though I tryyyyyy to pull it together enough daily and look like I got it goin’ on, there are days where I have not so much time as to run a brush through my hair. Everything is fine if I am in the confines of my cave, er- I mean, home; but then someone gets the bright idea to hit up the park or grocery store or some other populated area where no doubt the citizens will run for cover as the groggy mom beast enters. Lipstick, mascara, and earrings, my friends! 3 things in 3 minutes and I look better, feel better, and most importantly, don’t frighten the neighborhood kids.

Alright, beauty queens. The main important thing to consider as you transition into mommyhood is to love your sweet little nuggets of love. But a close second, is to feel like the beautiful, effervescent, and life giving momma YOU are. Look good, feel great, and love a lot!

Love ya, mean it!