We recently announced that we are expecting baby #3! We couldn’t be more excited!!! Our little ones are excited as well and we are thrilled that they are handling the news of a sibling so well.

While they are doing a great job coping with the news, my husband and I realize that this will be a big transition for them. So we feel that is important to keep them very involved throughout the pregnancy. For example, we took them to one of my doctor’s appointment and they were able to see the baby on the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. I think this made everything very “real” for them and increased their excitement and anticipation.

When my hubby and I found out the gender, we chose to do something special just for our kids! Our little ones LOVE the movie “Boss Baby”. So we created a surprise “Boss Baby” inspired gender reveal.

Want to know the gender of our new baby and see how our kids reacted to the gender reveal?

Check out the video below!

Do you have any unique gender reveal ideas? Comment below. I would love to hear from you!