Do you have a play date coming up? Are you in search of some awesome tips to make your play date a success?

As a mom in this day and age, play dates are pretty much a part of life. They provide a great opportunity for your children to interact with other children their age, which is essential for learning new skills and their social and emotional development. Play dates also provide a great opportunity for moms to socialize with other moms, share tips and tricks, and let’s be real….vent and express frustrations to another mom that can relate and provide encouragement or just a listening hear.

However, play dates have the potential to be disastrous if you aren’t prepared or equipped. But don’t fret, I have you covered with some awesome tips to plan the perfect play date.

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Tips for Planning the Perfect Play Date:

How should you prepare for a playdate?

  1. Be mentally prepared. 

Prepare your mind for the play date. Be ready to go with flow, expect that your child may not behave perfectly, and be open to have fun. Also, come with an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude. Every mom parents differently, so be prepared to see things that differ from your parenting style…it’s okay, just keep it moving and avoid giving the “judgy” eyes.

     2.  Come equipped with “all the things”!

Be sure to bring all the essentials and the things that you know will set you and your kiddo up for success (i.e., stocked diaper bag, snacks, wipes, stroller, etc.)

 3.  Prepare your kids.

If you visit my blog frequently, then you know I’m all about setting expectations. It’s important to let your child know what’s to be expected, what to do,  and what not to do. This is also a good time to teach your child appropriate and polite ways to protest or take up for themselves. For example, teach them how to say, “no, I don’t like that” or “please don’t play with me that way.” Also, be sure to explain that it is okay to come to mommy if they need help.

4. Talk to the other mom(s) before you meet up.

This provides a perfect opportunity to go over any ground rules, discuss what’s off limits, and to just get on the same page.  This is essential if you are hosting the play date in your home.

     5.  Know when to “call it”.

There is nothing more awkward than a play date that is dragging on with no end in sight. If the weather is getting bad, if your kiddos are having a rough time, or if it’s getting close to nap time, it’s probably best to end the play date. Be comfortable with letting the other mom know that it’s time for your family to head out and be ready to schedule another time to get together.

Where do you find the time for a play date?

  1.  Be creative and find the time.

Everyone is so busy these days so it’s important to look for opportunities to make the play date happen.

      2.  Consider the schedules of your mom friends.

When trying to find the time for a play date, consider the various schedules of your mom friends. Everyone’s situation is different (WAHM, SAHM, working moms, etc.) so keep this in mind.

What Are the best locations for a play date?

1.  Kid-friendly coffee shops.

2.  Parks

3.  Indoor play areas.

4.  Local zoos or museums.

5.  Your home or the home of the other parent.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Let us know some of your best play date tips in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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