Hello and welcome to The Real Mom KIT!

I’m Alysia…a wife, mother, and small business owner that is trying to keep it all together without falling apart! If you are interested in learning more about me, check out my bio here.

So why did I create The Real Mom KIT?

I’m choosing to live my life intentionally…loving myself and others well, letting go of chasing perfection and embracing the ups and downs of the journey and I want you to join me! Now if you’re looking for a perfectly designed blog and perfect blog posts with perfect pictures, you’re in the wrong place. For one, this blogging thing is completely new to me so a learning curve is expected and second, perfect doesn’t live here any longer. I’m over it!  Looking for a real blog from a perfectly imperfect individual made perfect in Christ?!…I’m your girl!  Not only do I want to share my journey with you but I would also like to share how my career as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst as influenced my approach to parenting.  At The Real Mom KIT, I will be sharing pieces of me and my journey, my wins, my fails, my loves, parenting resources,  and other things that other moms, mompreneurs, and women may find helpful. 

So why the name The Real Mom KIT?

Because life can be a beautiful crazy mess and we are all just trying to keep it together (get it KIT= Keep it Together lol). The Real Mom KIT is dedicated to helping you keep it all together without all falling apart by providing awesome resources and encouragement along the way. Sometimes life throws us lemons and you may spill milk from time to time. But guess what?! It’s okay! When life gives you lemons, make some good ole Southern lemonade.  And don’t cry over spilled milk, clean it up and move on!  I know it may sound cliché but life is too short to dwell on our mistakes and short-comings or to become discouraged by our trials and tribulations. Those are teachable moments! Embrace them, learn from them, and move on!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like it here and decide to stay awhile!



The Real Mom KIT is a hip online destination and community for real moms like you, featuring parenting resources and trainings, tips and tricks that make life easier, and things that inspire.