Meet Chelsea

 Me and my family!

Me and my family!

meet chelsea

Hey ya’ll! I’m Chelsea, a working woman full time, momma full time, and a lady trying to keep it together without falling apart…FULL TIME! My life is fulfilling and hectic and I’m learning more about how to do it all (or at least look like I do it all) all day, every day. Each day brings new adventures and challenges and I’m here to share my blunders and successes with all of you mommas out there fightin’ the good fight to hopefully help you keep it together too!

I am wifey to John and mommy to Gavin and Duke, and our prized fish, Truck (bonus points if you can guess who named the fish). Gavin is one smart and silly cookie monster, 2 going on 20…and my sweet Duke is 4 months trying to figure out this big ole world filled with messy playrooms, loud cartoons, and a big bro of his very own. And John, well…he cooks, ya’ll! Need I say more?!

I spend my “free time”-pause for eye roll- by hunting for the best breakfast dives my city has to offer. If I can hot glue it or iron it on, I will craft it. My current mission in life is to have a front door wreath for every holiday from Christmas to Boss’ Day (yep, it’s a thing and consider it your first tip for moving up the corporate ladder)!

I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and have been working with children of all ages and developmental abilities for over 10 years- focusing on toilet training, social skills training, and everything in between. My career is one of a kind and I love every minute of helping children and families meet their goals. Once I became a mom too, I gained some perspective and real-life know how, and have been combining my efforts ever since. Mommying, wifing, and behavior analysting are my 3 main passions and finding some kind of crazy balance of the three is my latest and greatest adventure.