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Parents of Children with Autism: How to Use Your Backyard for Sensory Integration

Autism spectrum disorder has many symptoms, including sensory processing disorders. For children with sensory processing issues, integration therapy can help train the brain to react to new stimuli in a controlled manner. The backyard is a safe environment where parents can introduce sensory integration to their children with autism through activities like swinging, gardening, and playing in the sandbox.

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How to Do Disney World VIP Style

Are you looking to plan a VIP experience at Disney World? Keep reading for details on how I planned the ultimate Disney experience for my entire family.
When my son turned two, we took the kids to Disney World. A lot of people may say that a child that age is too young to visit Disney. However, I’m a Florida girl and Disney lover and believe you are never too young to experience the magic of Disney. RJ’s first trip to the Magic Kingdom at age 2!

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How to Plan the Perfect Play Date

Do you have a play date coming up? Are you in search of some awesome tips to make your play date a success?
As a mom in this day and age, play dates are pretty much a part of life. They provide a great opportunity for your children to interact with other children their age, which is essential for learning new skills and their social and emotional development. Play dates also provide a great opportunity for moms to socialize with other moms, share tips and tricks, and let’s be real….

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How to Make the Best Kid-Friendly Slime Recipe (without Borax)

Are you in search of an easy and kid-friendly slime recipe?
Well, stick around because you’re in the right place…

If your kiddos enjoy watching YouTube then you are probably aware of the newest kid sensation…SLIME!

The slime craze has officially hit my house and my kids are obsessed with it! For weeks, they were begging me to make some. Since slime play is a great indoor activity to enjoy on a hot summer or rainy day, we finally decided to try out a few recipes.

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How to Make Your Child’s Dentist Visit a Success

Recently, I took my kiddos to visit a pediatric dentist. I was pretty nervous about how they would react since past visits have not been great and let’s face it, no one likes going to the dentist.  However, since I know the importance of good oral health I have made it a point for my children to see a dentist as soon as it was age appropriate.

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